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Paint It Or Plant It offers a tailored service to all its customers. From a simple lawn maintenance and cutting service to an all inclusive garden design, refurbishment and maintenance contract; Paint It Or Plant It provides high quality and reliable services that our customers come back for year after year.

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Even the most skilful and knowledgeable gardeners at times have to resort to spraying trees and plants to control or eliminate pests and funguses. At Paint It or Plant It we advise our customers about both green and chemical spraying programmes which we can then implement if required.


The reason for spraying plants and trees with pesticides is to protect them from insects and disease. Pesticides are applied during the growing season. It is important to respect the toxic nature of pesticides and to use caution when applying them.

Protect Yourself

As pesticides are toxic, be sure to read the manufacturer's warnings when using them. We always protect ourselves by wearing goggles, gloves and sometimes a respirator.

Precise Delivery

Precise delivery can be obtained with the hand-held tank sprayer. Pesticides should be applied so that they coat the surfaces of the tree; the pesticide should not drip off the tree. Contact us for advice or a quotation to complete your spraying for you.